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garage door alignment tips

All you need to know about garage door alignment

A garage door that’s out of alignment could lead to super botheration, especially if it is jammed that you are locked out of your garage. And it’ll be even worse if you’re locked in. Hence, this matter of garage door alignment must be fixed earlier instead of later.

Best Garage door alignment tips:


1.Fixing Gap under Garage Door

A gap under the garage door is quite frustrating, as while the door might work consistent with the basics, the gap appears sloppy, unsightly, and based on size, might be easy for a housebreaker to pry open.

To resolve this issue, check the lower track and utilize a wrench to slacken the bolts. Shift the tracks back and forth so the garage door can settle.

2.Mending a Sticky Garage Door

A binding or sticky garage door is typically caused by faulty installation, which permits the door to shut too swiftly. Hence you need garage door panel replacement. If the door will not budge, either way, it’s entirely feasible to adjust tracks to realign the garage door. On the very first track, inspect the screws which hold it into the door frame.

Slightly loosen them, and utilize a mallet to make it placed in the right spot with tender taps. Inspect the track with a level to be sure it’s straight. After that, tighten up the screws. You might require moving the tracks enough to assure that they are up against the weather stripping.

 3.Fixing a Hooked Garage Door

If the garage door isn’t balanced properly or appears hooked, you require garage door panel replacement. If you’ve slipped or broken cables, they have to be replaced or fixed or as quick as possible to get the garage door working again.

4.Dented Garage Door Hardware

Sometimes, the wear and tear or damage on a door is just too advanced for any of those prompt fixes. Check the door itself – the elements can become rusted, warped, or rotten. After that, inspect the springs. Broken springs could be replaced; simply reorder them as per the model number of the garage door.

By utilizing one of the aforementioned methods, you ought to be capable of fixing a garage door alignment issue causes due to gapping, rubbing, or binding.

However, some of the problems seem too advanced to repair by you, like corroded parts or damaged rails. In such cases, you can call a garage door professional, who will look after the matter for you. TMC Garage Doors is here to help you out with any sort of garage door assistance.


1. What are the safety tips for realigning the garage doors?

At a time, only work on one track and never pull the bolts out all the way when loosening them – just permit enough movement freedom to regulate the track back to the proper place. Based on the work, you may need to wear hand and eye protection.

2. Give some extra tips on DIY alignment for the garage door.

When you are manually upraising the door to ascertain where it sticks or stops, check out the point where you could abandoning of it without it falling back into the track . If it’s above four feet off the ground flooring or lower than three feet, you will eventually realize it must be realigned.


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