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Garage door security

Best security guidelines for garage door

Often it’s the garage door that renders a weak point in the house’s security, despite the very fact they typically contain valuable items like power tools, cars, and art. Garage door security is important as it might get worse; if your garage is directly connected to the home, then they are also likely to acquire access to your home.

As your garage is a sterling target of an attempted break-in, it’s crucial to form a concerted effort in fixing and securing it; because the cost of securing your garage is way less than the probable loss, you might be faced with if you ever have to experience a break-in.

Some Prime Tips on Securing Your Garage Door

  1. Take steps to form your home unappealing to thieves: Trim bushes and hedges; add on some sensor lights outside of the house; clear off ladders and tools that would be utilized in break-ins; always lock up the home and the car, of course.
  2. Pick a garage door opener with the Tri-Tran+™128 anti-theft technology. Tri-Tran+™128 transmitters utilize code hopping technology to produce a newly-fangled random code from trillions upon trillions of possibilities with every use.
  3. Invest in Auto-Lock technology, which quite doubles the force needed at the lock point to lift up the door from a closed position.
  4. Don’t leave your garage door remote or keys in your vehicle, ever. Utilize a robust keychain to keep the remotes secure.
  5. Invest in Dominator’s Smart Phone Kit, which will be supplying you with full control of your garage door from anywhere around the globe through an easy-to-use application. Nevermore let your garage door left open mistakenly; get notifications whenever your garage door is operated; give access only to those who truly need it.
  6. Install CCTV cameras outside of your house and inside the garage so you could visualize what’s happening without compromising your own safety.
  7. Garage door security is important. Hence, secure the garage door from your garage into your house with deadbolts.
  8. Never ever leave your garage door ajar to permit airflow – it’s not actually worth it.
  9. Organize yearly servicing and maintenance to make sure your garage door is perfecting working at its best.
  10. Tint, frost, or cover the garage windows. Keep your valuables out of sight.


Regular Servicing is Essential

Stay on top of maintenance needs to minimize any weaknesses that burglars may feed on. Security factor for garage door is a must-have. So, keep an eye on the corrosion on the moving parts of your garage door. Check out the locks, frames, and hinges for damage, and call a skilled person to service your garage door annually. Regular servicing is vital to make sure your garage door functions at its optimum and to aid keep your warranty valid.


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