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Compare Clopay and Amarr garage doors. Which one is better?

Garage doors are like the protector of our homes. It stands strong in front and protects our homes from the people with bad intentions. Thus, choosing a good quality garage door is important if you want to protect your home and family. There are many types of garage doors from many companies and it can be confusing for anyone to choose the best one. Amarr and Clopay both the companies are well known for their garage doors. Both have some good qualities but in order to choose the perfect one you need to know all about these garage doors. Only after that you will be able to decide that which one suits your home most. These are the very popular companies thus if you want garage door repair service in Las Vegas, it will be easy for you.


Before knowing anything else, let’s discuss about the history of the company.


  • Amarr– This brand was established in North Carolina in the year of 1951. So, it is a very old garage door company and has a lot of experience. It has multiple factories for manufacturing its products. They have almost 3000 independent dealers.
  • Clopay –This brand is older than the previous mentioned company. It was invented in the year of 1859 but it wasn’t in the garage door industry. It joined garage door industry in the year of 1964.


Now let’s compare the few facts related to these garage doors.

  • Places – Amarr makes garage doors for all of the places residential, industrial and commercial but Clopay don’t make garage door for industrial places.
  • Materials – Clopay almost use all of the materials to make a garage door, for example, steel. Aluminium, wood and composite. Where Amarr only use the most known things to make their garage doors for example, steel, aluminium and wood. So if you want a garage door made with something different than the usual one, you have to choose the Clopay.
  • Style – No matter how loud we shout out that looks doesn’t matter but in reality is matters a lot. Amarr only make 3 style garage doors. Carriage houses doors and the traditional ones though they make Horizon and vista as their special doors. On the other hand if you chose Clopay you can get a lot of options. For example, traditional, Carriage house doors, coastal and modern.

Here we discussed all the important aspects of both the garage doors so that you can use this information to buy one for you. Both garage doors are good at their own place you just need to choose the right one with the right qualities for your place. If your garage door is not working properly, then you can also contact garage door parts in Las Vegas. They can help you the best with your problem.



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