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garage door opener battery

Do you need a garage door opener battery?

In the year 2017, after being ravaged by wildfires, the state of California made the law for the garage door opener battery. The wildfire had caused some severe damage, including the destruction of power lines. Many homes lost power for a long time after this incident. Many homeowners had to leave their homes through the garage door. When they came to open the door, they did not succeed because of the power cut. An electric-powered garage door does not work without a power supply.

Although many garage doors had the option of manual operating but maximum did not open without electricity. Many people died because they could not escape their homes in time. The majority were aged people who could not use physical strength to open the door and run. The number could have been more if the situation had worsened. After this wildfire, the state made the garage door opener battery a must part of the garage door.

Benefits of having a garage door opener battery

As we discussed, a garage door battery opener serves you the most during an emergency, and it might be mandatory by your government too. Without legislature, it will be beneficial at your home too.

1. Safety feature everyone can use: Previously, if there was a power cut at home, you had to apply all your strength and open the door manually. Some people cannot handle it manually. Older adults, children, or sick people might find it challenging to run it manually. If you have a garage door opener battery, you do not need to worry about this stuff. It will open any time you want it to.

2. Important for places with a regular power outage: We know the batteries are primarily for emergency times or the handy backup. But there are places with recurring electricity problems. It is a must to have an opener battery in those areas so that you don’t need to struggle every day to open your garage door.

3. Visual monitoring of battery backup: The best part of having a garage door battery backup is monitoring them yourself, how much charge is left or if they are working correctly. Most garage door opener batteries have an easy light system, which indicates how much battery is left. It shows a red light when the battery goes out. You are advised to charge the battery every two years to be in full working mode, especially during emergencies.

Garage door opener battery is a safe option and serves you best during emergencies. It is a must by law and is beneficial for homeowners too. TMC Garage Doors provide the best garage door opener batteries. You may contact them if you are planning to get one in your home. They provide the best service and authentic products to their customers.



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