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locked garage door

Don’t panic if you get locked out of your garage

It is not so common to hear or witness troubles like locked out of the garage door. But this is also not so uncommon. So, if ever you find yourself in any such scenario instead of getting panic try to resolve the problem. These are some unique yet simple hacks you can consider if the door is not receiving the signal, is closed, or locked and you are stuck out of your garage.

At first, you might have tried repeatedly pressing the button of your remote and you are not getting any results. The reason might be jammed signals or other reasons. The door opener will not activate if signals get blocked. In this situation, the best way to open the door when locked out of your garage is manually released the door from outside. Follow these simple steps which are prompt to try manual release:

You may wonder what are the possible reasons for the locked door of your garage? A power outage could be one of the prominent issues. And this may incur hindrance in the path of the electric opener from opening the garage door. You can plan a manual release from either inside or outside of the garage. The old-style garage door openers used to have a manual release button or handle on the outer side.


How to trigger manual release from inside

On the exterior of the garage door unlock the latch, switch, or any locks that may cause interference in releasing the garage door manually from inside.

You must also be completely aware while doing this to avoid any injuries. For that matter make sure that you shut the garage door completely.

Cut the power supply completely for which you can unplug the garage door opener or remove the battery before opening it manually.

To pull the emergency cord, figure out the red emergency release cord. Now re-check if the garage door is closed fully and then pull down the emergency release cord.

Now open the locked garage door and come out. This should be done with slight force, once the door is gone all way up, always assure that door has stopped moving to avoid any losses.

Once you have manually fixed the locked garage door and escaped, shut the door again with a manual slide lock.

Alternatives to avoid facing the issue of getting locked out of the garage.

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Get a Wi-Fi Enabled Opener

It is advisable to opt for a Wi-Fi-enabled opener to avoid getting locked out of the garage. Nowadays so many models of garage doors have Wi-Fi features in them. This is also profitable if you live in an area that faces blackouts often. So, investing in a garage door opener that incorporates battery backup is a wise investment. A Wi-Fi-enabled opener can be operated with your smartphones or tablets also as per requirements.

Get locks repaired immediately

If you are sorted with the primary trouble of getting locked out of the garage by manually releasing the door, you may face another trouble of locking the door. For keeping access to the garage using a manual lock system. If in case this lock system is damaged, get it repaired or replaced by a locksmith.

Call the Professionals

Although it sounds weird at first to get locked out of the garage. This is not an imaginary situation. And to avoid any such circumstances you will never regret consulting with the tmcgaragedoor specialists while installing new opening sensors, garage doors.



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