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Everything to Know About Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

A jackshaft garage door opener (a side or wall mount opener), can be regarded as an ideal solution for your residential garage door. This kind of garage door opener mounts to the garage wall, located next to the track of the garage door. Jackshafts directly connect to the torsion bar that exists above the garage door. Conversely, an overhead mount hangs from the garage ceiling. The door opens by shifting an attached trolley running along a chain or parallel rod.


What are the Benefits of a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

You will finally come to one of the distinct options as and when you pick the multiple components of the best Jackshaft garage door opener. With several common and successful preferences available in the market, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each category of door openers before making the final decision.


  1. Seamless Operation

If your garage is situated adjacent to your living room or bedroom, you will get the least disturbance by opening or closing the garage door by one of your family members. The entire garage door operation is soundproof due to the silent functioning of the jackshaft opener.


  1. Sufficient Storage Space

People often tend to store their canoes, bikes, and other bulky items in their garage ceiling space created by a rail system driven by chain or belt door openers. It is, rather, an inconvenient way to store things of daily use. Whereas, residential jackshaft door openers create the desired storage space by removing the need for a false panel.


  1. Most Suitable For Makeshift Garages

Residential garages with negligible depth and cathedral ceilings are ideally suited for jackshaft door openers. The door trolley unit using rails invariably requires a minimum of 48 inches of clearance over and above the door of the garage, which is rarely found in most domestic apartments. A conventional door opener will definitely block if your garage is equipped with boilers or pipes placed close to the ceiling.


  1. Extended safety assurances

Once you have installed a jackshaft door opener, there is no need to accommodate a motor unit suspended over your parked vehicle for years. The jackshaft opener gives you enough space to position your weighty motor unit in the garage.


  1. Customized models

Nowadays, a majority of jackshaft openers come with customized elements. You can operate them with a remote sensor with the help of your smartphone, laptop, or tablets. A compatible battery backup (optional) and power units can also be installed in case of a power outage.


Why jackshaft openers are better than belt-driven openers?

Belt-driven door openers perform faster and stronger with limited errors. They are also easily available in the market. However, you may have to replace them occasionally due to wear and tear. Besides, they occupy more ceiling space and are not suitable for homes with an irregular ceiling design. Therefore, when you compare the jackshaft garage door opener Vs belt drive, in most cases, you will go for a jackshaft opener due to the newest technology laid before you.


The Bottom Line

You can contact TMC Garage Doors for any kind of technical expertise. We are always above par in providing installation services as regards jackshaft garage door openers. A 24×7 emergency service with budget-friendly pricing is what we have for you!


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