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Garage door trends

Top 5 garage door trends in 2021

There are a lot of queries related to the style statement of the garage doors. The garage door is something that is of great use. Basically, the number of people having their own cars is increasing day by day. Thus, the demand for garages and garage doors is also at its peak. Almost 86% of people are using different garage doors. Although the use and purposes are the same in almost every household garage, there are some of the latest garage door trends that are available.

What are some of the latest garage door trends? This question is deeply connected to the root of innovation. People are slowly evolving the ideas of monotonous and similar life to something interesting and useful.

We have discussed below the top five garage door trends that are recently being followed.

  • Light weight wooden garage doors

The steel garage doors are very casual these days. People are switching to light weight wooden garage doors that are elegant and beautiful. 

Plank garage doors

The plank garage doors are made using the transition method using the fine architectural sciences. These garage door trends include these kinds of doors that have long window at any side.

  • Spanish wood carriage garage doors

The Spanish wood carriage garage door is made in a way that the garage doors are of polished wood and have round handles. These kinds of doors are good for any house type, but most of the bungalows and villas have the Spanish wood carriage garage door.

  • Dark garage door

The recent trends are tending towards everything dark. The dark garage doors are nothing extraordinary. These are general doors with a dark color that compliments the whole house and its design.

  • Cladding garage doors

The cladding garage doors are very formal and look extremely classy on any type of house. It is a minimalistic idea and satisfying polished and even presence.


The uniformity is quite tedious. If we look into our daily life and needs, we will notice that people are getting bored of the monotonous. So, to improve the quality of life, we need new things and modernizations that would look good and classy at the same time. 

There are garage doors in almost every house out there. The same garage door is also there. Therefore, people innovate these according to the garage door trends. TMC Garage Doors are offering a vast collection of all the latest garage doors which are fit and in trend.


How to modernize the garage door?

Well, to answer such questions, you need to allow yourself to evaluate your choices. You will have to choose a specific theme or have a certain idea on your mind. Visit the website of the TMC garage doors and book a slot for an appointment. Our technicians will visit you on your appointed date and shape your ideas and thoughts to make it real in front of your eyes.

What are the latest garage door trends?

The very specific answer to this particular question is very variable. Trends are something that is not really constant. However, maximum people are following more of Barn style garage doors, black on black, steel and wooden garage doors nowadays. You can check out the latest trends over the internet or can visit TMC Garage Doors to get ideas of the best designs.


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