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How to check your garage door safety sensors?

In all, the automatic garage door that is installed in the residential area garage door safety sensors is a crucial feature. All the garage door openers manufactured after 1993 should essentially have these as per federal laws. And this was done to ensure safety, as any automatic garage door opener will not be operational if a safety reverse mechanism is not well connected to it.

This simple yet hugely effective feature was designed to ensure the security of people and pets in the house. The garage door safety sensors amazingly reverse the course of the garage door if in case it gets in contact with any humans, animals, or vehicles.

So, to be sure about the safeties of your loved ones keep the garage door safety sensors in working condition. If it isn’t happening, try these hacks to fix the issue.

Know how the safety sensors work

The concept is very short & clear when a laser beam travels between two photo-eye sensors fixed on opposite ends of the door. The doors function well. Whereas, if anything obstructs the path of the door closes again and reverses its path. But sometimes these smart garage door sensors do malfunction. These malfunctions could be fixed by homeowners on their own.

Simple steps to fix your garage door safety eyes

If you are finding that your garage door starts to close and then goes back, this may be due to unaligned photo eyes. This doesn’t mean you need to change the photo eye, you can simply try adjusting them at first. If this does not work, then you will have to realign the sensors by following these steps. Remove the receiving sensors by taking off the wing nut. Point the sensors in the exact opposite direction, let the laser light go off completely. Now, realign the door safety sensors. Most of the safety eye sensors possess green light which you might see.

Keep an eye on Debris

Sometimes garage door safety sensors start malfunctioning due to obstruction in the view to be able to read each other. And it is very common that with passing time the sensors get cloudy which causes hindrance in paths of lenses. To ensure that this is not the case with your sensors keeping checking them for grime, oil, or debris this might get collected on them. As any such kind of debris, may lead to obstruction.

Keep checking the wiring

In most garage door sensors, the wirings are usually exposed which is not a threat to safety, but it leads to loosening sometimes. What you can do in this situation is, safely reconnect them. if the wires are loose or detached, they won’t function as needed. 

  • With the help of basic tools, you can reconnect them by following these DIY steps.
  • Remove the wires after bringing off sensors from brackets.
  • Now, strip the ends of all wires & twist the like-coloured after together.
  • Take both sensors to motor present in garage door opener.
  • Remove the wiring that is in the white and grey terminals.
  • Now insert the stripped wire into the grey terminal and white wire into a similar colour terminal.
  • Finally, you can bring the sensors facing each other. 

You will either see that the green light is turned on, if not so then replace the wiring or lights don’t come out then replace the safety eye sensors. In case any of this doesn’t work call a pro to check them.

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