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How to Properly Assemble Your Garage Door?

Garage doors may stop working all of a sudden. In such cases, replacing or repairing the garage door such as Garage Door Repair Las Vegas can be very important.

Some people may prefer to get brand new doors instead of repairing the old one. New Garage Doors Las Vegas are available and are preferred by many. In these cases, the assembly of the garage door is needed.

Garage Door Assembly Steps:

Given below are the steps which can be followed to properly assemble a garage door.

  1. Removing the Previous Garage Door

First, the old garage door has to be removed by taking out the springs. Since the entire tension and weight of the door is supported on the springs and the hinges, you need to be extra careful while doing this. Once the door is lifted and locked, the springs can be removed with a winding bar. After that, the door can be lowered down, and all pieces of hardware can be removed in order.

  1. First Section Installation

The first section of the new garage door has to be levelled before installation. If the floor isn’t levelled, shims can be used for the necessary adjustment. The door bottom will contain a rubber gasket which will seal the bottom. The bottom part can be fixed by using a nail and bending it on the frame. This will hold the door for the rest of the installation.

  1. Strut Installation

After that, the strut can be installed on the top part of the door. Then, within the two top sections, the centre bracket has to be installed. Make sure that the door doesn’t get scratched while doing so.

  1. Roller Tracks Installation

Next, the roller tracks needs to be installed. Using them, the vertical tracks needs to be installed next. The vertical tracks should be installed in a manner where they are level with one another. After that, the upper track installation can be done. The door can be half-lifted and locked into place. After that, the supporting brackets on rails can be installed.

  1. Install the Spring and Bar

Next, you need to attach the spring and bar on the brackets. Then, wind the springs so that they achieve the correct tension. New Garage Doors Las Vegas come with a painted line that marks the optimum tension of the spring. Either winding bar or drills can be used to do it. Safety equipment such as goggles and glasses are a must while doing this. After that, the springs can be lubricated.

  1. Garage Door Opener Installation

After the door get installed, the garage door opener needs to be installed. Photo eyes should be used to ensure that the garage door is actually working properly with the opener. In case of difficulties, the eyes should be aligned, or the limit switch needs to be checked.

  1. Garage Door Testing

Finally, test the garage door. If things aren’t placed properly, parts may get damaged. Garage Door Repair Las Vegas and other repairing services should be contacted in such cases. If the door opens and closes down correctly, the garage door assembly is complete.


Even if you are confident, take extreme precautions, while assembling the garage door. The assembly of a garage door is extremely dangerous, and handing it over to experts is always recommended. TMC Garage Doors provides extremely professional services regarding assembly or repair of a garage door and its parts.



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