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Learn to Replace Your Garage Door Seal

Garage doors are the biggest moving element of a house that stands as a protection wall for your property and family members. Every garage door has a rubber seal at the bottom that prevents insects, pests, and other elements from entering your house. It also contributes to the garage door insulation process.

However, this seal experiences the most wear and tear due to the heavy usage in every season and weather conditions. And over time its performance starts deteriorating making the garage door vulnerable. In such conditions, replacement of the seal is the best way to solve the problem. We are here discussing how you can replace the garage door seal following some easy steps.


1) Detach the Worn Seal

At first, you must remove the old and worn-out seal from the channel and prepare the garage door for the replacement of the new one. Lift the door to a safe height from the ground and make sure it does not move or fall during the replacement process. Then strip off the old seal carefully.


2) Check the Type of Seal Your Door Needs

Now check what kind of door seal you need to buy for your garage door. The type of the seals is generally named according to the shape of the cross-section. If you find it difficult to identify the type, you can also cut a portion of the seal from your old seal and take it to the hardware store who can help you get the right choice for you.


3) Measure the Size of the Seal

After you identify the type of seal, you need to find out the length of the seal you need. You will get the right estimate by measuring the width of the old seal and the width of the door.


4) Clear the Retainer

A retainer is a track or channel where the garage door seal is attached. You need to clean the channel with a damp cloth and lubricate it with some soap-water to prepare it for the following steps.


5) Feed the New Seal into the track

For feeding the seal into the retainer it would be better if you can get some help. First, you need to fit the seal’s bulb into the track. Then it would be helpful if someone else can pull the seal through the track while you keep feeding it into the track. After finishing the feeding process, tuck the extra length into the track again from both sides to secure it in its place more firmly.


Final Takeaway

It is always good to know everything about your garage door and its maintenance process yourself. But at the same time, you can never perform these garage door repair and replacement works with the fine expertise same as the industry’s leading garage door service providers. TMC Garage Doors is a renowned name for the garage door service in Las Vegas that is trusted by all their satisfied clients. They provide a series of garage door services with their skillful, experienced, and licensed expert workers.




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