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Garage Door Security Tips

Most Effective Garage Door Security Tips

Only installing a strong front entry door would be no good. You need to do more than that in order to protect your garage from burglars. We know how burglars can get into our house through the garage door and in some cases, they try to kill the house owners as well. A study shows that nine percent of the burglary happens through the garage door. So, we can see the importance of increasing the garage door security. Read the easiest yet economical ways to protect your garage door.


Effective Garage Door Security Tips that Works:

  1. Shed Some Light
  2. Monitor Activity Smart Garage Door Opener
  3. Security Cameras
  4. Cover Your Garage Door Windows
  5. Check Your Landscaping
  6. Don’t Forget the Remote
  7. Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open Unnecessary
  8. Never Leave Valuable Things in Your Car or Garage

Shed Some Light 

Burglars can get into your garage by taking the advantage of the darkness so we advise you to install motion-activated floodlights near the doors and windows of the garage. You can easily see who is moving near your garage and watch the movements of potential intruders. Ensure that your garage isn’t covered up by large trees and bushes.


Monitor Activity Smart Garage Door Opener 

Garage door openers would lock the door when it’s not in use. However, many burglars can break in by hacking the code. So, you can opt for a smart opener that would help you monitor the status of your garage door and alerts you if anyone tries to break in. Well, these days most people prefer Wi-Fi-connected monitor which would alert you when the door is opened or closed sans a garage door opener. You have to attach the device to the garage door frame and it would sync with your device through its own app. It would give you alerts whenever someone tries to open the garage door.


Security Cameras 

Adding security cameras would be helpful in catching the burglars. With motion-activated cameras, you would be able to see the facial features, clothing, and other such things. It would automatically start recording once the car pulls into the runaway or someone approaches near the garage.


Cover Your Garage Door Windows

Though it is good to have windows especially during the hot summer days it can give better airflow. However, these windows can be problematic sometimes. Burglars can enter from these windows. So, if there are unnecessary windows then we advise you to cover them up. Whenever you’re buying new windows look for something which is considerably durable. But if your garage is dark and you need some light then you can put a translucent film over the windows or buy windows with a frosted glass design that would let the light enter into your garage.


Check Your Landscaping 

Well, if there are a lot of trees and large bushes around your garage then the burglars can take the advantage of it and hide there. Make sure that you can clear out everything that hides your garage. You can plant small trees or small thorny shrubs instead.


Don’t Forget the Remote 

Most people leave their remote in cars. If the burglars find the remote then they would get inside the garage. For avoiding this, you can either get a smart garage door opener or replacing the garage door opener with a keychain remote.


Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open Unnecessary 

Most people leave their garage door open unnecessarily. You’re encouraging the thieves to get inside your garage. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood you shouldn’t take the security of your home for granted. If you’re forgetful and leave your garage door open most of the time then upgrade your garage door opener. You can easily operate the garage door with the help of a smartphone application.


Never Leave Valuable Things in Your Car or Garage 

Make sure that you don’t leave valuable things inside the garage. Even if you follow all the necessary security tips, don’t take any risk.

Lastly, make sure that your garage door is in good condition. Steel garage doors are the preference of most customers as it is durable and you’d get a lot of options.


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