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Roll-up garage doors for your residential space

People are now leaving the old-fashioned garage doors for the new ones. Roll-up garage doors are currently used in all homes of Las Vegas. Roll-up garage doors have a smooth and easy lifting method, cheaper door design, and consumes less space than other garage doors. They are readily available in Garage door parts Las Vegas.

Residential roll-up doors come with many options in design and materials. In this article, we shall discuss more roll-up doors and Garage Door Tune-Up Las Vegas.

Roll-up Garage doors

A roll-up garage door is also known as a rolling door or roller door. They are primarily seen in industrial and commercial places. Nowadays, roll-up doors are becoming popular in residential areas too. In most cases, they are built out of corrugated, galvanized aluminum and stainless steel sheets. They are very durable, secure and can bear worse weather conditions even.

The roll-up door’s designs are effortless and limited. Hence, one will not face any mechanical or electrical complications. A roll-up garage door and a conventional sectional door might be priced the same initially, but the prior will cost less due to low maintenance in the long run.

How do they function?

The roll-up door on opening will wind itself into a compact roll at your garage door opening. It will take significantly less space and remain compact. The best part of garage doors is they do not require tracks across the ceiling or floor, leaving you a lot of space for storage. It will not block your garage lightning too. These garage doors are easy to install and lightweight. They are available in Garage door parts Las Vegas.

Available sizes

Roll-up garage doors come in a variety of sizes. The size shall depend on the space you live in, your car’s measurement. The measurement can be 8’ or 9’ wide by 7 ft. tall for a single-vehicle. The measurement will be 16’ wide by 7’ ft. tall for a double garage door.

If you are looking for more oversized doors, you may opt for customized build doors. Your cost will rise on doing so. The custom doors generally are 16’ wide and 10’ to 12’ tall.

Space required for a roll-up garage door

In most cases, a minimum of 15 ½” room above your garage door is required. This shall allow enough space when the garage door is rolled up and open. The biggest advantage of this roll-up garage door is that no headroom extension is required in the garage center.

The side room space is not required at large. For your manual-operated door, at each side, 4” space is enough. If you are using a jackshaft garage door opener, then you need a little extra space at each side to accommodate it. You can look into Garage Door Tune-Up Las Vegas for more details. The spacious accommodation is a massive advantage in roll-up doors as sectional garage doors require more space.

Wrapping Up!

Roll-up garage doors are beneficial for residential purposes. They accommodate less space, are light, and easy to use. You can check roll-up doors in TMC Garage Doors.


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