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rolling fire door inspection

Rolling fire door inspection- It’s just not a good idea; it’s the law

An annual rolling fire door inspection is mandatory as per the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 80. Rolling fire door inspection law is not optional; you must get it done.

There is 3 part process in the NFPA.

  • A certified technician will inspect and test the door for proper operation and closure.
  • The door shall be reset following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Owners should keep a written record of the tests made to show it whenever agencies with authority to test the door arrive.

The frequency of using the door and its surrounding environment generally decides the time for inspection. Rolling garage doors Professionals suggest getting the inspection every six months.


The primary element of rolling fire door inspection is dropping the door from an open position. It checks if the door is working correctly and if it is correctly resetting itself. The first drop is done to check if the garage door completely closes across the entire bottom surface. It is dropped again to check if it has reset according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Next, all the movable parts are examined. It is seen if they are free from debris or any particle that can cause obstruction. There may be one more drop sequence if the first two don’t go well. There is a visual inspection too that includes:

  • Broken or missing parts
  • Signs of open holes, damage, or breaks.
  • Additional hardware that is obstructing the smooth and fast closure of the door.
  • Improper modifications like paintings causing a problem in movable pieces
  • Proper safety labels.

After the inspection is completed, the professional makes sure the barrel assemble, steel curtain, and other things are correctly aligned.

Give rolling fire doors space

It is essential to keep the surroundings clean and clear so that nothing obstructs the door. NFPA 80 checks them very precisely. It should look like the door is very easy to open and close. Always remember that the fire door is automatically activated when fire or smoke triggers it. The garage door inspection will also include all these testing. If the door is adjusted correctly and working according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the rolling steel fire door will shut fast. The door must close at a speed of almost 6 inches per second. It should not cross more than 24 inches per second. You can check the time and measurement of your door for better results.

Choose the correct rolling fire door

Generally, the standard rolling fire doors are designed to fit big openings. You can also find them in different sizes. The slat designs are pretty common, but they depend and differ based on the use. To shut a part off in a building might need a different configuration than the shuttering of the loading dock. It is advisable to call a trained technician to inspect your doors if you buy them.

Inspection of the fire rolling door of your garage is an unavoidable part of the law. It is also for the safety of your home. You may contact TMC Garage doors for the best service before you have a fire rolling door inspection at your home.




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