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Fix Broken Garage Doors

The Right Way to Fix Broken Garage Doors

When Your Garage Door is working smoothly, you need not worry about those. But, when, the door breaks down, you need to fix the door as immediately as possible. Before fixing the damaged garage door, and replacing it with a quality garage door, you need to understand the problem. In this section, you will get a few guidelines to fix your damaged garage door.

Tips for Fixing Broken Garage Doors 

  • Check for Garage Door Spring
  • Tracking Bent Garage Door
  • Sticking of Garage Door
  • Working of Garage Door Opener

1) Check for Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs often create a great issue with garage doors. If you are unable to understand whether the door is wearing out or not, check the balance of the door. Now, open the door halfway, by unplugging the garage door opener. Observe, whether it stays open. It stays open, then, be sure that the springs are working, as desired and if the door falls again, then, make sure to replace the door springs. In most cases, it is advised to seek the help of professionals, as, wearing out of springs are dangerous and needs to be replaced properly. If You are confident enough that you can do the work on yourself, then take the unwinding bars off the door and then, wind up the new springs. Lubricate the new springs and check the balance of the door again. Make small fixings, if any, and then your door is ready to go.


2) Tracking Bent Garage Door

When your door makes screeching and cracking noises, or, if the door is not opening and closing with ease, then, be sure that the problem is with the tracks of the door. In most cases, it is seen that a small bend in the track makes the door harder to move. It’s important to fix the thing accurately and as immediately as possible. If the bend is great, the tracks should be replaced. At such a point, professionals are required to help you out in carrying out this repair.


3) Sticking of Garage Door

Sometimes it is seen that the door does not open and close smoothly. This is the time when the door needs to be lubricated. So, take lithium-based grease for the door and apply it to all moving parts of the door, that is, tracks, hinges, the garage door opener and, many more. After doing this, check whether the garage door opens and closes in a normal way.


4) Working of Garage Door Opener 

The first thing you need to check, whether the garage door is opening or not. If the door does not open on pressing the button of remote, then you need to think about replacing the one. But, before replacing check whether the battery in the remote is working properly. Check whether the opener is connected properly or not, Mechanical reasons may also cause the problem. Check the lock and springs of the garage door. If you find them wearing out, replace them with new ones. After all these checks, if you are still unaware of the point of the problem, then we should take the help of professionals.


The Bottom line

Quality Garage Doors uplift the decorum of the entire house. Old, aged, and wear outdoors look creepy and can be dangerous for users. Given in this section are some tips to repair your broken door. But, in case of critical problems, our technicians from TMC Garage Doors are ready to serve you at your doorstep. So, keep in touch with us, at let us serve you at our best. 


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