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Understanding the Right Way to Install Garage Door Opener

Many electric door openers are found nowadays. But, if you are a DIYer, then you must know the correct ways of installing a Garage door opener. Garage door opener repair should be done with proper guidelines to ensure safe and flexible operation. Let’s have a look at the guidelines for installing a garage door successfully.


Guidelines for Installation of Garage Door Opener


1) Gather the Opener 

At first, fit together the sections of the rail. Then, let the trolley slide onto the rail. After this, make a connection of the rail to the motor and then, adjust the pulley to the terminal point of the rail. From one end of the rail, let a belt or chain slide and then glide around the pully and adjust it around the motor. Now, the belt is to be adjusted to the terminal point of the carriage. At the terminal point, the chain becomes a screw, that holds the entire system against the trolley and bears the tension of the door.


2) Fixing the Opener to the Ceiling 

Work startup should be done by the installation of a block on the ceiling. Attach the opener to the wood by screwing or nailing in such a way, that, it can hold the weight of the door opener. Then, to the door wall, screw the bracket and make a connection with the opener assembly. Then, the end of the motor should be attached to the block. At last, adjust another piece of the bracket to the door, according to the instructions. Before, fixing, check that seven – nine feet space is left above the floor, which will allow room for walking of people underneath.


3) Attachment of Other Parts 

Generally, the opener box is provided with a safety disconnect cable. Then Attach the cable with the motor and then slide that onto the bracket as well as on the handle and then the system should be indicated as an emergency release. Then, disconnect the cable of the emergency release, and check whether the door is opening and closing properly and smoothly. Then, the terminating bracket should be connected with the motor.


Then, a light bulb should be fitted, to check the vibration of the door, without burning out. Then, the electrical eye and the reflector should be installed with proper care. At last, the control button should be installed, which must be out of the reach of children.


4) Checking of the Newly Fixed Opener

After installation, switch on the power of the garage door and check the functioning by the usage of the real electricity. Also, the door should be treated with the wall control and the remote. These guidelines can be a great help for you in doing Garage Door Opener Repair, especially, if you are not a professional.


Final Takeaway

It can be very much tough as well as challenging to Install an opener of a garage door on your own. Hence, if you are unable to do it on your own, then, our people from the TMC Garage doors office are here to help you out in every possible way. With our flawless Garage Door Repair Service, we can assure you of proper safety at home. So, keep in touch with us to avail yourself of a handful of facilities at your doorstep.







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