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Garage Door Spring

Various Ways to Extend the Life of Garage Door Spring

One can open and shut the garage door smoothly because it has at least one spring that makes it move either in and out or up and down. Usually, garage doors are equipped with extension spring or torsion spring. Many doors rely on one mainspring, while others use smaller ones. Perfectly working springs are significant to your garage door’s efficiency. It is, therefore, very important to stick to proper maintenance.


Most Effective Ways to Protect Your Garage door spring


1) Understand the Door System

Are you aware of how the door of your garage is designed or how it works? If you do not know anything, then you should at least understand the fundamentals of its working. The manufacturers’ manual is always handy to familiarize yourself with the various garage door components. Two key sections are the garage door and the garage door opener. Both of these are available in different sizes and variations. The instruction manuals also provide important details about how repair and maintenance should be performed.


2) Periodical Check-Up

Once everything about the garage door is known, the homeowners will have to search for the possible signs of wear and tear whenever they come across during the use of the garage door. You have to pay attention to every little blemish. While attending the periodical survey, you should take note of small changes for immediate action, like screeching sounds. Whenever you encounter these problems, check the elements of your garage door and opener with the assistance of a professional.


3) Proper Upkeep of Hardware Components

The key components of garage door hardware are the springs, rollers, hinges, tracks-wipe, and motor. Along with electronic safety sensors and concerned opening systems, these parts should be maintained appropriately. You should pay attention to the heavyweight of the garage door. Frequent lubrication is required for various hardware parts such as metal rollers, hinges, lock, and the upper part of the chain-rail. The said lubrication is required every 3 to 4 months. Besides, you may consult the service provider that has done the installation or refer to the garage door manual.  It will surely help you decide the most acceptable brand of lubricant depending on the model and its hardware components.



4) Focus on Leakages, Insulation, and Weather Stripping

The rubber band located between the slats at the bottom of your garage door is classified as weather stripping. Not only does it play a part in the regular functioning of the door, but it also actually protects the belongings in the garage that are kept for long. Besides, it prevents the external elements (snow, rain, dust) from entering the interior of the garage. It ideally blocks gusts of cold air, too. If not frequently washed, the rubber material degrades even more quickly due to the collection of dirt and debris. You must lay a clean damp rag every two months to avoid the weather-stripping. After rubbing it clean, use a silicone-based lubricant for comprehensive effect.


Similar to doors and windows, garage doors also need caulking around the exterior of the door frame. The weather-stripping rubber on the door base may become fragile or get damaged. You should take it out and substitute it with a new stripper. As regards doors with insulation coated inside, if they get loose or broken, the old insulation has to be replaced. Also, avoid using petroleum products as a lubricant. They make the weather stripping weaken and eventually wear out.


5) Regular Balance Testing and Other Safety Features

Garage doors often get off-balance, adding to premature wear and tear. To test its strength, you need to pull the release handle and shift it manually till the door is halfway ajar. When you let it go, the door should remain in place. If it slips a few inches on either side, then you must consult a specialist to repair the door springs. For the adequate safety of your family and yourself, the onus lies on you to test the safety devices of your garage door and opener periodically. It only takes a couple of minutes to validate the door balance. If the safety sensors do not work as per standards, you need to check the automatic mechanism of reverse-opening and contact your garage door repair technician as soon as possible.



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