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What should you do if safety sensors of your garage door are not working?

Garage owners have safety sensors installed in all the residential automatic garage doors. There are mainly two sensors, one on each side of the entrance. The usage is to stop the door from closing if there is any kind of obstacle under them. That way, the sensors can cut the risk of damage to the car on the way to the door or other injuries. As the safety of your family is important, hence it’s essential to make sure that your garage door safety sensors and garage door sensor wires are working properly.

How do the garage door safety sensors work?

To know what to do when the safety sensors are not working, we need to understand the operating procedure of the safety sensors of the garage doors.

The most important part of the safety sensor is the photo eye reversal system, also called as the safety eyes. These two lenses are attached to the tracks of the garage doors on opposite sides, located about six inches above the ground. These are connected to the motor of the garage door opener. This connection operates the primary operation of the safety sensors of garage doors.

What you can do if the garage door safety sensors are unable to work properly?

There are some common reasons of malfunctioning of the garage door sensors are obstruction, issue of power supply, damage of the sensors, malfunction of LED lights, etc. Here is what to do when the sensors are malfunctioning:

The process of alignment of the safety eyes:

You can follow these steps to see if this can help you with your problematic garage door. If your garage door first starts to close but then retracts, you can try to properly realign the photo eyes. Before the process of removing the photo eye, try to adjust the photo eyes and see if the two sensors can link up. If not, then you can follow this process.

  • The sensors of the safety eyes have a green light. At first try to remove the receiving sensor. This can be done by taking off the wing nut.
  • After that, point the sensor in the opposite direction of the sending sensor until the laser light goes off. After that count to 10.
  • Next you can do the realignment of the sensors. Slowly and with proper care point the sending sensor to the receiving sensor until the time, when the light comes back on. Replace the safety eye in the bracket and after that refasten.

Clear the obstructions if any:

Obstruction of any kind is the most common cause that the safety sensors get tripped and the garage door won’t close. As the sensors require an unobstructed path to view each other, even the tiniest hindrance can affect them.

Try to make sure the path is clear of any obstructions and check to see that both lenses are clean and are clean. If there’s dirt in the way of your garage door safety sensors, then they can’t work properly.

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Check the wires carefully:

The wiring for most garage door sensors is not covered. Though these wires don’t pose a threat to you, they can get loose and thus create problems. Therefore you can work on the garage door sensor wires, like:

  • Remove the sensors from their brackets and the wires from their case.
  • Strip the ends of the wiring from the two sensors and twist together.
  • Take the two sensors over to the motor of the garage door opener.
  • Remove the wiring that is in the white and grey terminals of the motor
  • Insert the white wiring into the white terminal and the stripped wire into the grey one.
  • Lastly, direct the sensor eyes at each other. If the green lights turn on, then the wiring needs a replacement. If the lights don’t show up, you’ll need to replace the safety eye sensors.

If all these cannot solve your problem, you may call a professional to solve the problem.

All the garage doors need proper safety measure for the safety of you and your family, therefore, don’t neglect the problem, and try to contact professionals to solve the problem of the malfunctioning of the garage doors and the garage door sensor wires. For the expert suggestions, you can contact TMC Garage Doors.



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