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Why You Should Update to Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Security in the garage is crucial! It is not only to keep your belongings secure but also to keep you and your family safe. A better way to enhance your protection is to switch to an automatic garage door opener that means only individuals with the code or remote control can unlock the door, keeping out intruders and trespassers.


Advantages of Automatic Garage Door Openers


1) Improved Ways to Protect Your Garage

An automatic garage door installation can protect your home by adopting different methods. An automatic light, which hopefully prevents burglars and boosts visibility when the weather is poor, is one great feature with plenty of automated garage doors. The following are several other safety characteristics that many garage door openers offer:


  • Rolling Code: Rolling code software is used in the latest and modern garage door openers. It ensures that the frequency is continuously changing, so that your garage doors will not be exposed to the possibility of hacking.


  • Vacation Mode: Most programs incorporate a feature known as vacation mode, which prevents the garage door from being opened for an extended time when you are away. When the vacation mode is set, burglars would not be able to break into the protected premises. Remote controls for the garage door will only work on a limited frequency. Trespassers also attempt to open automatic garage doors with a system that uses any frequency combination. That allows them, within a few moments, to enter the garage. When vacation mode is activated, they become incapable of causing any harm.


  • Guest Keypad Code: You may also install a temporary keypad code for visitors using an automatic garage door. That way, for safety purposes, you need not have to alter your code at regular intervals. Rather, you can trigger a temporary guest code as and when any guest wants to enter your garage with your permission while you are not in.


2) Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smart home innovations are helping us with more services these days than we could have expected a few decades before. AI bots like Alexa and Siri can do wonders like switching on and off our lights, activate our favorite music, and above all, efficiently operate our garage doors. If you honestly need a new garage door opener, you may go for a Wi-Fi-enabled smart garage door opener.


3) Safety Precautions to Prevent Injury

Generally speaking, garage doors are very large and usually weigh over a hundred pounds. You do not really want your garage door opener to collapse with all this weight at the entrance itself. It can seriously affect your automobile parked inside. Thankfully, to make these garage doors better than ever, newly designed automatic garage door openers offer different safety features, which are as under:


  • Battery Backups: You might consider your quick and simple performance as a natural response when you have installed an automatic garage door opener. In your driveway, you can pull up and press a button, and the garage door opens before you. It may be a different story when a power outage hits. You will need to get out of the car and open the door manually if you do not have a battery backup. LiftMaster’s high-tech garage doors come with battery backups to prevent this glitch. You can still enter your garage with the click of a button or via your myQ-powered app even when there is a prolonged power outage.


  • Non-Contact Photo Eye Sensors: Perhaps the most important safety attribute is the picture eye sensors attached to your garage door. A broken beam is projected by photo-eye sensors all along the bottom of the door to detect suspicious objects under the door. The garage door will stop working automatically when the sensors detect an obstruction. Before making contact with any barriers, this protection feature prevents your door from causing possible damage. The integrated auto-reverse function is extremely reliable in advanced garage door openers.


If you are wondering if you have the technical skills to control a smart garage door opener in Las Vegas, the answer should always be positive. These devices are absolutely user-friendly, and anyone can control them and operate with ease.

Concluding Words

If you are a homeowner and willing to install a garage door opener, contact Las Vegas Best Garage Door. We are always ready to answer your queries regarding automated garage door installation. Our sales professionals are well equipped to direct you through the process of buying your maiden garage door opener.




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