Broken Sensor Repair


Garage doors are a vital element of our home, consisting of many small and intricate parts to endure heavy and frequent usage. But like all other small or big machines, they are also subject to wear and tears over a prolonged usage period. Among all the different parts of a garage door, the sensors are one of the most important yet somehow very neglected parts. These sensors are a crucial component for the safety of any object or your family members or pets that comes accidentally between the door and closing.

Are Garage Door Sensors Universal?

All garage door sensors work the same way and serve the same purpose. There are several different brands of sensors. Some models are advertised to be universal, which means a specified unit will be compatible with garage door openers associated with names such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, and others. This means the sensors will provide the same level of safety once installed no matter what garage door opener it is connected to.

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Sensor Isn’t Working?

Garage door sensors also have built in functions to let you know there’s a problem. Dirty sensors, misalignments, or damaged components can cause sensors to malfunction. A sensor can be thrown out of alignment if something bumps into it. Or, an impact can damage the connection wires, while vibrations from the garage door or direct sunlight may affect it. As a result, the door may work erratically.

If a sensor malfunctions, the door might suddenly stop and reverse for no reason, open but not close, or a light may flash on the sensor, from an overhead component, or the wall panel.

While the older version of garage door sensors used mechanical action, the newer version of these sensors relies on photoelectronic technology with an invisible light beam. Whenever the beam is broken, the door instantly initiates a reverse action. However, an electronic gadget with such complexity can malfunction due to many reasons. You need not worry about that as our certified and licensed technicians provide a 24-hour emergency garage door service so that your family and your belongings can be safe.

Garage door openers are very common and widely used. Most households have one of these devices to open their garages whenever they are not using it. However, due to recent tragic home fire fatalities, these devices are now considered high-risk equipment. Our Garage Door Sensor project an infrared light beam over the garage door’s exterior to avert accidents and suit every Garage Door opener made. 

The replacement safety sensors ensure the security of your household and prevent unnecessary accidents. To lower your insurance premium, install the most effective garage door sensors that will provide you with enhanced protection against theft and fire disasters. 

Alignment sensors are also essential to ensure your device’s smooth operation and achieve maximum protection for your family and vehicles. The most common reason why the alignment sensors fail is poor installation. Use the latest replacement parts to avoid costly damages and further problems.

The best parts for your garage door opener sensors are the spring and photo eyes. The spring helps in the easy movement of the door, and photo eyes help detect any obstruction. Most of the garage door sensors have an option to be switched on or off using remote control switches. These switches are powered by the batteries that are supplied with the product.

An essential part of your garage door sensors is the radio signal processor. This part performs two jobs. First, it receives the radio signal of the garage system, and then it decodes the received data. Once decoded, it gives you the signal you need to activate the opener. In most cases, this chip is located under the dashboard and can be reached by removing the plastic cover.

If you want your system to be reliable, only purchase from a reputable dealer or garage door professional. You can always check their reputations online. Many reputable dealers online offer an excellent selection of Chamberlain garage door sensors and related parts. You can even purchase your parts and accessories online. Some dealers even ship worldwide, making it very convenient to your location.

If your garage door sensors or other equipment malfunction, you must find out the reason as soon as possible. This will prevent any expensive damages that might happen later. Make sure that your problem is solved and report it immediately to the company or the manufacturer to get the problems fixed as soon as possible.

It is not advisable to use blankets when covering the garage doors. The reason is that blankets absorb radio signals. Radio signals coming from the outdoors are also not as strong as those coming from the inside. If you think that your radio signal is not strong enough to open or close the garage doors, try to place them on the sides of your garage. Otherwise, it might increase the chances of the problem.

Garage door sensor problems can happen to both automatic and manual garage doors. If you do not pay much attention to the sensors, you might be opening or closing the doors improperly. The problem can occur if there are worn-out safety sensors. The problem with safety sensors is that they often break down or stop functioning due to low power or battery degradation levels. This means that it may be time for you to buy a new safety sensor or batteries if your current ones are not working correctly.

The other common problem with garage door sensors is the absence of lights at the threshold or area where you want to close the doors. You may need to install or purchase new lights in this part of your house. The lights will help you see when the sensor is closed or open. However, if you have installed new sensors without any lights, you need to replace these lights. Failure to replace the lights may mean that you leave yourself and your car unprotected while the sensor is malfunctioning.

Sometimes, you may have to align the door sensors using a specially designed garage door sensors aligner. This kind of accessory is usually made of solid plastic and designed to attach to the bottom rail. The device allows you to slide it under the threshold of the door and align the sensor. Once you do so, the alignment should start working smoothly.

If you need to use the garage safety sensors to control the opening and closing of the doors, you should not forget to turn them on before you go out for the day. Since most modern automatic garage doors can sense their opening and closing, you should ensure that the door sensor is working correctly before leaving home. You should also ensure that the security system and the electronic gadgets are functioning well. If you follow these safety tips, you will use your door sensors safely and effectively.

Signs of a Broken or Defective Garage Door Sensor

The primary job of a garage door sensor is to prevent any potential accident that might happen if something or someone comes in the way of a closing door by activating an automatic reverse function. Hence, if the sensor starts malfunctioning or stops working at all, it may incur severe damage to your vehicle, the object, the person who comes in between the way, or even the door itself. So, it is always prudent to have a close focus on the minor signs of damage or the early symptoms and get them fixed by professional garage door services to protect your favorite belongings or people in your life. Some symptoms are:

  • The garage door starts reversing apparently for no reason
  • Some lights flashing from the overhead unit or the sensors
  • After opening the door, it won’t close normally

Garage Door Sensor Repair by Right Technicians

It would help if you tried not to fix the infrared garage door sensors yourself, as the process demands expert supervision. At TMC Garage Doors, we repair and replace all parts of a garage door of all companies. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can resolve your broken sensor problem in very little time. Moreover, we can promise you to offer a cost and the quality of our services that will match no other garage door service company in the town. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority. Get your free estimation today.

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