Garage Door Panel Replacement


All garage doors are made with individual glued panels, mostly made of wood or steel. Panel sections are raised and lowered, respectively, when the garage is activated or closed. 

These adhesive panels are the exterior of a garage door for aesthetics. However, when a panel is damaged or deformed, it can ruin the look of your garage door. Additionally, security issues can arise when there is a defective or damaged panel on your garage door. 

Experts, therefore, recommend repairing the panels as soon as possible. If you are replacing the garage door panel by yourself, you should take care of all safety precautions. 

For example, it is advisable to disconnect the garage door power to prevent sudden activation. Replacing a DIY garage door increases the risk of physical injury and fatal accidents when proper and safe methods are not used.

Things To Consider While Replacing Garage door panels

Did you know that you can easily replace one panel of your garage door at a time? Yes, you certainly can replace just one panel of your garage door while it’s still in good working condition and hasn’t been neglected improperly.

 However, if your garage door panels have been severely faded, peeling, rusting, or otherwise dinged, a faulty garage door panel may not be able to be replaced and instead you’ll need to completely replace your entire garage door. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to tear down and rebuild your entire door; however, it does mean that you’ll need to have it entirely replaced.

However, if you are like most people and aren’t too picky about things such as quality and price, then simply replacing your entire garage door panels could end up costing you more money than replacing just one panel. Why? Because to completely replace your panels, you must buy brand new garage door panels – which can run several hundred dollars depending on the type you purchase. So what’s an average homeowner to do?

Well, the first step is to research garage door panel styles. There are hundreds of different garage door panel styles. You can find them in hardware stores, home improvement stores, and many other places. Just type “garage door panels” into your search engine – as long as you are specifically searching for new garage door panels, you shouldn’t have any problems finding dozens of websites to browse through. Most manufacturers have websites these days that allow you to look at actual product photos as well as information about their garage door panel styles.

Once you find the panels you like, it’s time to decide if you want to replace just the panels in your garage or if you want to outfit your entire garage door model. In most cases, replacing only the panels in your garage will cost less because you won’t have to buy all new garage door panels. But if you want to outfit your entire garage door model, then you’ll probably end up spending quite a bit more than buying just the panels you want.

The good news is that in most cases, it’s a lot cheaper to simply replace one panel and then buy the complete garage door panels you want. For example, if you want to replace one single panel but only need one or two doors, then buying the complete garage door panels you want can be cheaper. Or if you want to outfit your entire garage door model, buying the entire garage door panel set and then the bottom panels can be cheaper. This is usually the cheapest way to outfit your entire garage door model.

There are a couple of things you should watch out for when replacing damaged garage door panels. If you buy a used garage door panel set, look for signs of damage. Check for holes or breaks where the panels were attached. You should also be wary of metal flashing around door edges. Most sets will include a piece of this metal, so don’t be afraid to tap it with a hammer to determine if it’s rusting and ready to come off.

If you’re replacing damaged panels, it’s always best to find a matching panel that has similar characteristics. Different garage door panels will generally have different door textures running from smooth to textured. Smooth panels will appear like a regular wood panel to wood grain. Textured panels will appear as the bumpy, irregular wood grain. This can make a big difference in how your home looks and can make it difficult to match your new panels to your existing home furnishings.

There are a few final tips to keep in mind when shopping for damaged garage doors. If you’re buying a used panel, ask the seller if it’s been painted recently. The paint will tell you what type of treatment the panel has received, but also give clues to possible problems you might encounter later on. Test doors before installation by pushing them up and down to check for gaps. Also, replace heavy panels with light ones to see if your lifting ability is affected.

Damage types to garage door panel

Replacing a garage door panel, when a single panel is damaged is easy, and many people choose professionals to replace it due to safety issues. The exterior panels of a garage door are subject to weathering, constant movement, and wear and tear over time. 

Normal wear and tear can include scratches, discolouration, dents, small chips, distortion, damage, or panel fall. If the repair is minor and there is damage to the specific panel, the individual panel can be repaired. However, if the car dent or multiple panels have a high degree of damage such as large cosmetic damage, the entire garage door panel must be replaced.

Garage door panel replacement is low-cost

Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas costs vary depending on installation and material costs. An estimate will be made to determine the repair cost needed to compensate for damage to your garage door panel. If multiple panels need to be replaced, it will be economical than replacing the entire garage door panel. However, replacing an entire garage door panel is expensive because you will need proper replacement parts and repairs. Additionally, the number of panels or the total panel size can increase your repair costs.

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Solutions for broken garage door panel

A broken or bent garage door or panel usually happens by accident, usually when you try to knock on the back of your garage door. If you do not fix it, it may disturb not only the other parts of your garage door but also the safety and security of your house. Therefore, never hesitate to call TMC Garage Doors, the industry figurehead in the installation and maintenance of garage doors. We want to maintain our reputation as an industry leader; therefore we make sure you get the best quality garage door service.

Customized Solutions

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TMC Garage Doors Cares For Customers

When you have a damaged garage door panel, never try to fix the problem; you just need to consult a professional. If your garage door has complex systems and is not repaired properly, a defective part or component can lead to more significant problems further.
When you hire us, we always give you the best and least costly solution, inform you about the different options and give you a generic assessment.

When you have a damaged panel, we will inspect it and only advise you to replace the damaged part. If only the bottom part is damaged, we recommend you to replace only the part you specified and give you options on what to do to make sure everything is still fine.

In place of your Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas, we always have all the best brands and other durable and high quality parts. Although we always offer low cost solutions, we never exploit the service quality or quality of our products.

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