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Every minute of your life is in danger while you are in your garage, with a broken garage door roller. A garage door with a damaged roller will not work properly and this will impose a threat to your family safety. If you inspect your garage door and find that there is a problem with the roller, contact our professional technicians and repairmen today to have your garage door roller repaired or replaced. Our company is a leading expert in replacing damaged garage door rollers. The technicians we send to you will ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible without compromising on workmanship and product quality. We are committed to providing reliable Garage Door Rollers Replacement Las Vegas services by providing exceptional customer support and quality performance. Not only do we integrate professional behavior, all our clients are satisfied and delighted as we provide customer friendly services.


Garage door rollers keep your garage door moving smoothly and securely. Perfect for replacing worn, noisy, or old rollers. Steel rollers are durable and usually last for decades. 

Our heavy-duty steel rollers provide the ultimate in strength, so you could be assured they will last a lifetime. Each roller has ten balls bearing weight, providing smooth operation for many years.

Four types of rollers, one each for your single roller and two each for the two adjacent rollers: The standard garage door rollers have six balls to counterbalance each other. 

The two pairs of single rollers move in opposite directions, one ahead and one behind the other. The standard roller has two “arm” springs, to raise the entire system when one spring is activated. The springs are wound up into a drum over a shaft. A drum can be loaded or unloaded by pushing a button.

Residential garage doors are normally narrow because it is more efficient to use a smaller opening. This means the diameter of the residential garage doors is smaller than standard rollers (which are typically wider). You can choose a different commercial or residential garage door roller size than the manufacturer’s recommended size. 

The commercial rollers have a larger diameter since they must cover more area to operate efficiently.

There are five distinct types of garage door rollers: low-oria, high-moisture, high-performance, solid and low-alloy. High-moisture rollers require more lubrication. Solid and low-alloy rollers tend to be sturdier, and thus, require less lubrication. 

The lubricant helps prevent metal from rusting, which will reduce corrosion, which will increase the life span of the door. Most solid doors also come with corrosion/mildew inhibitors to help combat this problem.

Low-oria steel rollers use a lubrication system. They are durable and do not rust. These are often referred to as “colour coated” rollers because they are coated with a clear protective coating to prevent colour fading.

 This type of lubrication is necessary because the steel needs to be able to move with the ease of a flexible spring and then release that energy promptly, without causing excessive friction. Low-oria steel garage door rollers tend to last longer than their steel counterparts, due to the lubrication system. 

High-performance rollers can run at higher speeds and with more energy than low-performance rollers. A higher performance roller will run quieter and move faster. They may be able to handle heavier weights and last longer. Because these rollers require more energy, it means that they will cost more money to operate and will cost more to maintain over time.. 

It is also important to note that the lubrication on high-performance garage door rollers is less than that used on low-performance rollers, but they can still last longer and be more effective.

Garage door replacement rollers can also be used to prevent damage to doors by reducing slippage. Slippage happens when doors are improperly used, such as with improperly fitted rollers or springs. 

This can lead to damage to the structure of the door, and if left untreated can cause considerable harm to the structure of the door. This may require the garage door rollers to be replaced, although this is not always the best option. Some doors can still be repaired and brought up to standard.

For many homeowners, garage doors represent the single biggest purchase they make in their lives. To protect their investment, many homeowners resort to purchasing high-quality rollers that will extend the life of their doors. However, before making a large purchase, it is important to take into consideration the amount of money and effort required to properly care for and maintain the rollers. There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing garage doors, and the roller type is just one.


Our experienced technicians bring the right tools and equipment to replace the rollers. You should not go and take hold of your tool kit. The garage door is too big and dangerous to operate. Other than that, the work is very time-consuming. 

Expert Garage Door Repairmen make sure everyone nearby is safe and does quality work. To prevent further mechanical damage to your garage door, fix your roller as quickly as possible.

Types of rollers we provide

1) Standard 2” OEM Nylon Wheels with 4” Stem

❖ These rollers are for residential garage doors

❖ These are compatible with OEM standard rollers

❖ The wheels are suitable for standard 2-inch tracks

❖ Annual replacement is recommended

2) Premium Nylon and Steel- 2”, Ultra-Quiet Sealed 13 Ball-Bearings and 4 in. Zinc Stem

❖ This standard is more expensive than the traditional OEM rollers

❖ Commercial grade rollers are better than the standard OEM rollers Nylon shells around steel wheels for a seamless and durable final combination

❖ 10 ball bearings per wheel for smooth operation

❖ No maintenance required for almost 10 years

3) Garage Door Rollers-2”, Steel Wheels with 10 Ball Bearings and 4 in. Stem

❖ These are for residential and commercial garage doors

❖ Commercial grade rollers are better than the standard OEM rollers included in most garage doors. 

❖ Steel wheels are extra durable for longevity

❖ For standard single-hinge installations it is available with 4 in. stems for standard single-hinge installations and 7 in. stems for heavy double-hinged doors

❖ Noisy rollers though it is durable and strong

❖ Requires maintenance every 6 months

We are here to solve all the complications in your garage door roller

You can see the rollers facing each other on the tracks of your garage door. The rollers come down when the garage door closes and come up when they open. This includes opening the garage door smoothly if the rollers are not damaged or broken. With broken rollers, your garage door will not close or open easily. 

If your Garage Door Rollers Replacement Las Vegas is not working properly, ask a professional repairman to help you as using a door with damaged rollers can damage not only your garage door but also the tracks. It is better to repair the damage immediately or you will face serious consequences later.

 Rollers can be damaged for several reasons. For example, a loose track can damage rollers or normal wear and tear may adversely affect the rollers. The above issues may seem very simple, but you can also think about doing a DIY project to change garage door rollers, but it is risky. It is always a good idea to hire a skilled technician.

We provide professional garage door roller replacement services on the doorstep

Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience. They have the right knowledge and receive rigorous training to perform the task accurately and on time. To ensure a good experience, we use only the best tools and products that lead to guaranteed results. You can expect nothing less from us than quality work and professionalism.

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