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Welcome to us, TMC Garage Doors at Las Vegas, here your utmost satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We all are aware that the garage door is probably the most commonly used entrance in our residences. When it gets damaged or has any functioning problem, for any reason, it can be both inconvenient and dangerous for us and our families. You can easily avoid this problem by allowing expert technicians to perform regular tune-ups, safety inspections, and some regular adjustments to your garage door.

Garage door lubrication is a very common and easy process to maintain the good condition and durability of your garage doors. We offer the best services regarding garage door lubrication in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas for our customers.

One thing you can do to prevent serious garage door problems is to lubricate the moving parts regularly. This sounds simple enough, but many people just don’t bother. The garage door doesn’t stop just because you are locking it up. It is also getting used regularly, so it has to be taken care of properly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First of all, avoid the WD-40 at all costs. While some of us may like to think WD-40 is the ideal lubricant and cleaning agent for every application and repair, this isn’t the case at all. WD-40 is a cheap solvent and even when you use it on the moving parts of your garage doors and opener, it tends to break down any good old grease that exists and it will immediately dry out, causing even more friction than was there before. So avoid the WD-40 at all costs. If you must use it, wipe down the moving parts regularly and then apply an anti-rust or anti-grease fluid to stop any further corrosion.

Next, find a good garage door lubricant that is designed specifically for the type of equipment you have. The lubricant needs to be compatible with your particular model. Also, make sure that it is meant for the moving parts by reading the label and using the correct amount. If you use too much, you’ll just cause the problem again.

There are other things to watch out for besides the grease and the oil. For example, check the spring tension – it should be very slack as well. If it’s too tight, the garage door lubrication isn’t enough and there will be some grinding, clicking, or other sounds that indicate something’s wrong. This is a good sign that you need to lubricate both the roller system and the torsion springs. You can lubricate by hand with very fine grit sandpaper, but a power sprayer is a much better option and ensures that there’s no mistaking what you’re doing.

Finally, you must follow the directions on the garage door lubrication fluid bottle to apply the right amount. Some applications call for minimal amounts while others require generous amounts. Always follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t ruin anything or apply excessive lubricant which can cause more damage than good. This can lead to serious problems such as getting the metallic parts to grind against each other or with the rollers.

Of course, one of the most obvious signs of needing garage door lubrication is rust. If you see rust on any part of the equipment, the first thing you should do is inspect the rest of the equipment so you don’t have to guess whether or not there’s something wrong with your garage doors. If you see any signs of rust, you should have them all inspected and possibly replaced before they start to rust.

Another sign that you need to lubricate your garage doors is grease build-up. This is usually caused by dirt getting caught up in the roller bearings. To prevent this, you should always use a damp cloth or brush while cleaning the rollers and make sure you wipe away all the dirt and grease. Make sure to apply some of the garage door lubrication fluid to the rollers before you begin cleaning them, especially if you see any buildup of grease. Make sure you use a brush or a similar item to remove the grease and then use a separate rag to polish the rusted area.

Most of the time, the most important reason for having to lubricate your garage doors is to make sure that they smoothly operate. If you have a heavy buildup of dirt or grease on the rollers, then you may have to go through a lot of added stress every time they move, especially when they encounter any sort of sharp object or hit anything hard. The smoother movement means lower stress on the equipment, which in turn means lower maintenance costs. Of course, this also means that you have to make sure you get the garage door lubricant as soon as possible so you don’t have any complications later. And last but not least, lubricating your garage doors can help make sure that they function properly for years to come.

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Inspecting the rollers before work is very crucial in this job. While maintaining a roller you have to keep them properly lubricated. If you need assistance you can contact us. We also supply garage door parts along with the best quality repair services.

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Knowledge about good rollers

Plastic rollers:

It is the lowest type of roller which doesn’t have ball bearings. Though they offer good performance but those are not very long lasting.

Steel rollers:

Though these types of rollers are long lasting but those are very noisy and don’t offer the best performance.

Nylon rollers:

This is the quietest and also the best performer. Depending on their quality they can easily last for 12 to 20 years. Some of them have ball bearings to offer a good performance.

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