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TMC Garage Doors in Las Vegas stockpiles numerous exclusive garage door components and accessories to consummate your garage door needs. We offer the following garage door components, fabricated by trustworthy manufacturers:

Garage Door Locks and Handles

By choosing our finest handles and locks, you can achieve the best by adding a perfect touch to any architecturally designed house.

Garage Door Cable Drums

The garage door drum functions with your door springs for smooth operation of your garage door system. This will keep your garage balanced when the door is open and closed.

There are three types of garage door drums:

Standard Lift – Commonly used for residential garage doors

Vertical Lift – Generally used in warehouse or industrial settings

High Lift – Vertical rise for the door; horizontal track adjacent to the ceiling

Each type of cable drum, component of Garage Door Parts Las Vegas, is designed to fit or balance the door based on the maximum door height, cable thickness, and length and door total weight.

End Bearing Plates

End bearing plates function by reducing the stress on the torsion system and providing first aid to the entire system. With our zinc-plated steel end bearing plates help to reduce strain throughout the garage door system and provide years of blithe operation.

Aluminum Drums

When attaching aluminum drums to the springs of your garage door, these help to maintain balance and its weight properly when opening and closing the door. We store heavy duty aluminum drum that can withstand the weight even on garage doors.

Garage Door Cables

Whether your garage door system has a torsion spring or an extension spring, the effort to raise your garage door rests on the cables, with the pressure provided by the springs. That means the cables are more likely to wear and tear.

When installing your garage door, we advise you to hire TMC Garage Doors. We guarantee, the cables that come with your installed door are durable and high performance.

Center Bearing Brackets

The center bearing brackets of the Garage Door Parts Las Vegas ensure smooth and fully functional support for the torsion system. Our 11-gauge steel center bearing brackets are designed to withstand high loads and harsh weather.

Garage Door Lubricant

TMC Garage Doors includes several spray-based or liquid-based lubricants for use with your garage door. Prime parts of garage door that need lubrication:

Hinges – You can put liquid based or spray based lubricants on steel garage door joints.

Rollers – Lubricant can be applied on all metal rollers, if you are having nylon rollers, just lubricate the bearings.

Springs – Apply spray based lubricant regularly on garage door springs for great performance.

Locks – You can get benefits from regular use of garage door lock lubricants.


Rollers are salient parts for your garage door system. Small wheel rollers with ball bearings attached to the shaft on your door allow it to slide smoothly and evenly. Rollers help keep your garage door energy efficient and steadfast.

Different types of rollers:

Steel Rollers – These types of rollers come in two versions: ball bearings and non-ball bearings. Both have steel wheels attached to steel shafts. Both types are stronger compared to plastic rollers. Steel rollers require regular lubrication because they are slightly stiffer.

Nylon Rollers – These are usually the best rollers. They are very stable, require less lubrication, can absorb vibrations and are therefore very quiet. This type is sturdier compared to steel and plastic rollers.

Plastic Rollers – These rollers have no ball bearings. Although these are very modest rollers but they get easily impaired. With regular use, plastic wheels may break down over time. In addition, it can cause the moving steel track system wheels to break and tear and it may pop out of the track and cause other complications in the operation of your door.

TMC Garage Doors advises you on the most suitable roller to use on your garage door. Often, your garage door brand, design and construction already have your garage door rollers. If you feel you need to upgrade, let us know and we can discuss your needs.

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