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Install High Quality Wooden Garage Doors In Las Vegas

If you want the best quality wooden garage door or you are moving into a new place or need to install a special type of garage door to your present garage, visit us, The TMC Garage Doors in Las Vegas. 

We are not only good at repairing garage doors, but we can also install a new wooden garage door within some minutes at a very low expenses.

Wooden Garage doors are more costly than steel ones. In the long period, the longevity or durability of a wooden garage door can easily face all types of bumps and scratches. In addition to this, the classic function of swing-open can be obtained with powerful wooden garage doors.

 In the wooden garage doors mainly cedar wood is used as the ingredient. We can happily inform you that if a wooden garage door is properly maintained then that can last easily for more than twenty years. These types of garage doors are built with layers or plies to prevent those from being warped.

The wooden garage doors offer both the convenience of modern sectional doors along the classic swing style opening. In most cases, the doors are not made of solid wood but sheets of hardwood to give it a long life.

The wooden garage doors have the classic style and beauty which is timeless. The wooden garage door is considered in general as the perfect choice because of its classic appeal, which can easily enhance the special appearance of your garage as well as residence, which simultaneously can increase the value of your garage. These types of doors also need some type of special maintenance, as without proper care water can rot very easily. As the wooden garage doors have good weight, therefore those really need roper care to prevent those from wearing out in the future.

Wooden garage doors add a classic, traditional charm to any home. They can either be stained or painted to compliment your house’s aesthetic as well. Steel doors are a usually thin piece of steel metal attached to the ceiling. So, when you hit them with something hard, you may dent or scratch them.

One of the advantages of wooden garage doors is that they can add an antique look to your property. However, there is one disadvantage – these doors need regular maintenance and care. This means that you will have to do it yourself to prolong their lifespan. Some of the important things that you need to know about do it yourself door maintenance are the wood species, the wood s humidity level, and the wood species used in the door.

The type of wood that you use plays a big role in maintaining your wooden garage doors. For example, you need to ask how resistant the wood door is to rot or warping if you intend to sell it. You should also ask how durable it is. Most wooden garage doors are made from medium texture oak, pine or beech. These wood species require regular maintenance to keep them looking great.

You will need to carry out regular maintenance to make sure that your wooden garage doors withstand the wear and tear of traffic. When there is constant traffic on the door, the edges of the panel may become uneven. Eventually, this will result in wear and tear and this will make it necessary for you to carry out some repair work. If you do not repair the damage, it will continue to spread and cause deterioration of the material over time.

There are many types of woods available to us and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, many types of woods are used to make wooden garage doors and they do have a natural resistance to wear and tear. Unfortunately, not all of these woods are suitable for heavy traffic and weathering. They will therefore need to be treated periodically to ensure their long term durability.

In addition to treating the wood Species, regular maintenance of the machine is necessary to ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly. Some wood species are naturally insect resistant but other species are not. In case of insect damage, it is important to add-ons to the design to protect the panels from any further damage. For example, pine needs to be treated with an insect repellant while cedar requires regular treatment to prevent rot. Similarly, there are many types of maintenance that should be carried out on the mechanism as well.

For many homeowners, choosing a garage door is an important decision and in some ways, it can be similar to choosing a new house. In order to add value and beauty to their property, many homeowners look to install wooden garage doors. The best way to find garage door prices is to look online as many companies offer great discounts over the phone or internet. It is also a good idea to compare prices between various companies so that you can choose the most competitive offer.

The installation process is very straightforward and consists of only two steps. First, of course, the wood has to be chosen and cut according to the client’s specifications. The second step involves drilling the holes and screwing the wooden garage doors together. In most cases, the wooden door is then fastened with polystyrene foam inserts which are then fitted into the pre-made channels made by the manufacturers.


We offer various types of wooden garage doors. The versatility of our service will surely entice you.

Large range of designs and colours: We can offer you a large number of materials with various designs and colours to choose from for your precious residence.

Other options: We also provide you with the other varieties like price, proper repair and noise factors while opting for your wooden Garage Doors within Las Vegas and its surrounding areas from us.


Safety Measures – You can easily achieve keyless entry and use rolling codes or a smartphone to act as the controller of your security.

If you want a wooden garage door, then knowing what types of proper care is required will become very profitable for you.

In this aspect, we can help you very much. Wood can rot quickly if those are not protected from some elements, the wooden doors can get damages from a certain amount of moisture or the harmful UV rays. If those damaged areas do not get proper care then those doors cannot last for long. On the other hand, proper care can give those wooden garage doors a long-lasting life of twenty years or more.

Proper maintenance and cleaning

In this aspect, we offer our latest coating services which are designed to give a “living” finish and look. This is also easier than the old lacquer finishes. This new type of finishing process if applied every 2 to 3 years then your doors will get the most beautiful look for a long time. As the easiest way to get this job done is to hire an expert, and therefore we are here to help you at any time.


A good cleaning can also protect your stylish wooden garage doors from getting damaged. A wooden garage door needs professional care at a regular time interval and for that, we are here for your every need.

The last decision of your garage door will always be based on your own needs and choices and of course on your budget. We, TMC Garage Doors can meet your every need.

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