Garage Door Hinge Repair

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Garage door hinges are responsible for closely and securely connecting the panels and allow them to quickly pivot while the door is being raised and lowered. With regular usage, these small and intricate pieces of machinery can become worn or loose, which may impact the overall functionality of the garage door. How insignificant may the hinges seem; a dysfunctional hinge can result in severe damage to the door itself or risk your security. That is why a broken hinge demands immediate attention to avoid any significant damage. If you need a garage door service to repair or replace the hinge, TMC Garage Doors can be your ideal solution for a professional service.

Identify the Signs of a Broken Garage Door Hinge

The garage door hinges are a small component of the entire garage door system, so sometimes, they get forgotten about by the homeowners. However, neglecting a damaged hinge can prove dangerous, which eventually leads to more significant issues that you might have to replace the entire system at some point in time. Thus, it is better to pay heed to the little signs of damage before it’s too late. Some of the tell-tale signs are:

  • Unusual loud noises, jerking movements
  • Unbalanced or stiff garage door movement
  • Rusted parts, loose fasteners, wrapping or broken pieces, a loose screw, cracks or dents, etc.

While some of the issues can be fixed with small repair works, some other needs more serious attention and replacement would be the only and best option for those cases. Always hire a commercial garage door repair service to repair or replace the hinges as the task involves high risks and needs cautious and skillful handling.

Purpose Of Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are an essential component of the garage door’s structural assembly since they connect the door’s different sections to keep them together. They come in various forms depending on their location on each door section. This critical garage door piece comes in varied styles, thicknesses, and sizes (all gauge).

The primary purpose of garage door hinges is to keep the doors from opening or closing unexpectedly. Most garage door hinges are made out of cast iron. They are commonly installed in pairs within the tracks. However, there are particular doors that can be installed without the assistance of door hinges. Such doors include shower doors and some outdoor patio doors.

The primary type of garage door hinges that most people are familiar with is installed on the track. These types of hinge hardware usually are circular in shape since the track extends outward. They are often secured to the underside of the frame with a set of brackets. The most frequently used type of hardware is round-shaped hardware.

Aside from the circular hinges, there are also other garage door hinges known as squeaky hinges. These are typically made out of plastic and are usually intended for exterior use. Squeaky hinges give the impression that the garage doors are creaky due to the passage of air. However, this is not actually the case. Most squeaky hinges only cause a loud sound when the door is opened or closed.

Another popularly used type of garage door hinges is the double hinge system. A single panel panel is suspended by a series of pulleys on both sides of the garage doors. The single panel hinges allow for a smooth opening and closing of the doors. On the other hand, the double hinges allow for more security. Due to the pulleys and chains used, it is easy to control the doors.

In addition to the two hinges mentioned above, additional horizontal panels are suspended from the top of the garage doors. These panels are typically made from wood and make the perfect backdrop to the perfect-looking panels. If the panels are left unstained, they can look like ordinary wood. Choosing the right hinges depends on the appearance of the panels and the overall look of the garage door opening.

To properly install garage door hinges, the complete set should be installed on the garage entryway. This includes the strike plates, tension rods, doorstop, mounting brackets, and overhead brackets. Make sure that the correct setting for the specific door is selected. Otherwise, the door would not operate as it should.

Once all the necessary hardware is in place, test the hinges to see if they are functioning correctly. Loosen the tension springs or release them if there are any. If you need to adjust any other parts, use the adjustment screws provided with the hinges. Make sure the garage door is closed before trying to open or close the door again. Now you know how to select the right hinges to install on your doors.


The garage door hinges are usually made out of steel because it is a durable material that is both reliable and long-lasting. The right kind of garage door hinges will also last longer than other kinds of materials used in building homes. Sometimes, homeowners consider purchasing other materials to replace the existing ones. While this might be an economical solution, doing so could leave gaps or holes that hinder the door’s movement in the future.


Replacing the hinges is a relatively straightforward process. First, locate the exact size of the strike plate or the tension rod and the mounting brackets. Locate and mark the exact location of the screw hole. The new hinges should be mounted onto the screw holes using the new hinges. It is essential to drill the screw holes precisely and straight to ensure that the new parts will be aligned correctly once they are fitted. You can use the same technique for installing the rollers and the bottom panel.

 Once the rollers, springs, and doors are installed, make sure to lubricate all moving parts. This will help to prevent rust and corrosion that may occur if the components are not lubricated. Test the rollers and hinges to ensure that they are functioning correctly before performing the final tightening process. Most often, the tightness of a garage door is determined by the tension or roller assembly. If you find that the rollers need more lubrication, tighten the tensioner or the roller to help ensure that the door opens and closes properly.

Replace the Broken Garage Door Hinge

Repairing or replacing a garage door hinge is one of the most straightforward and most cost-effective garage door services. But still, it would be advisable to take professional assistance for performing the task. Unless you are entirely aware of the risk factors of the process and have all the instruments and safety equipment, it is dangerous to do such works. Mishandling with the garage door can even damage the other parts as well and put you at the risk of personal injuries.

Reach Out to the Professionals

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